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Digital Citizens & Tourists - Growth Engine - The SuccessHub

By Mike Midgley Posted 18 January, 2018 In GrowthEngine Blog - Episode 6 - Digital Citizens and Tourists

Digital Citizens & Tourists - What Is A Digital Citizen?

What I'd like to speak to you today, is about digital citizens.

So you may be wondering what digital citizens means.

Well, first of all, I want to give credit where credit's due.

Just as you know, we're working heavily with HubSpot.

We're reading a book called Inbound by the founders of HubSpot, which is Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.

They talk about when you're recruiting people.

Especially in today's world.

Where we all buy digital, we're all on Google, we're all searching for things, social media's been more prominent than ever.

And they talk about hiring foreign marketing agencies, granted, but they talk about hiring digital citizens.

Which, ultimately, these people who are active in social media, of course, big reaches, big networks, they're analytical.

And they're really, really sort of, in that, sort of digital space.

But, as business owners, it's too often, that you're not always aware, of how your current co-directors, your executive team, middle management, your employees, could be affecting your business.

If you've got a digital citizen, who is actively sharing and posting stuff for you on social media, or liking your company stuff, then, what they're actually doing, is they're connecting themselves with your brand.

One nice thing having them work there, that's the obvious one.

Ultimately, if they're acting, commenting, sharing.

So, here's a quick example, which, may shock some of you, may not be a surprise to the others, we live in the real world, so, trust me, I understand that.

We're currently converting our offices at the SuccessHub.

We've got a couple of agricultural barns at the bat.

And it's a major, major, major, project.

It going to be about 7000 square foot, we're estimating around three, 350K build.

I mention that figure for a specific reason.

And that is that, I'm looking at my Facebook contacts, just to see if I've got any building companies on there, where I could maybe reach out and start getting quotes on and sort of bring them down and sort of share the plans that, by the way, David Pearson, at DJP Architects did an awesome job on the accounts.

So, big shout out to David.

So, I started to sort of look through there.

And, I did this on Sunday.

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Digital Citizens & Tourists - Be Careful of What You Put Out There

So, Sunday morning, about 10 a.m., it goes on, search through all my Facebook friends who are in building.

And I won't mention the name, because, it is rather embarrassing.

And I find one, and, this is exactly what it said across the pages.

F me, somebody is going to get it today.

And, they've got the company banner in the top, and they're F-ing and blinding on the Facebook page, Sunday morning.

Now, naturally, the first thing that's going to happen is, that company's not going to get invited to attend to build, our new offices.

Pure and simply, because, it's not professional.

It's not the type of people I want to be associated with.

Immediately I unfriended them and unfollowed them.

I just think it's unnecessary.

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Digital Citizens & Tourists - How Do You Conduct Yourself Online?

So, the challenge I've got for you today, in the next, sort of 10 or 15 seconds, as I wrap this video up is, have a look at your business, have a look at how you're conducting yourself on Facebook.

Is there any distasteful comments that you are putting out, that's being associated with your brand.

And, if there is, you might want to think about getting those posts removed.

Because, that particular building company, just cost them the opportunity, to tender for the 350 thousand pound build.

Secondly, look at your middle management and yourself.

Is anybody sharing anything?

It's their personal Facebook page, they can do what they want.

I'm not saying to spy on anybody, but, what I am saying, is take a look.

It could cost you a lot of business.

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TSH - GE - Ep 6 - Blog HEADER
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