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Strategy For Lead Generation - Growth Engine - The SuccessHub

By Mike Midgley Posted 7 August, 2018 In GrowthEngine Blog - Episode 65 - Strategy For Lead Generation

Strategy For Lead Generation - Introduction

Today, I'd like you to start thinking seriously about what strategy you've got in place for lead generation. 

I've got a story for you, that's sort of came out of the blue, with a post on our rock star's facebook from Gary Spinks. 

I thought I'd share this with you, this morning because the post got quite a bit of noise and interaction. 

I think the story is definitely worth sharing, as a comparison, for you. 

So when we talked about lead generation, bringing inquiries into your business, really, customers and cash, inquiries and leads, they're all lifebloods of the business in some type of format. 

But what I want you to think about is the story I'm going to share with you, now. 

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Strategy For Lead Generation - Livestock

Here, at The SuccessHub, we live and work on a farm. 

It's not quite a working farm, but we do have livestock, including sheep. 

Unfortunately, last week, we lost one of our sheep. 

Had been with us, chewing grass, as a grass cutter for, I think that'd be 11 years.

It started to lose a little bit of weight, and we get the vet to check him out, things like that. 

The ultimate result is he's lost his teeth.

I'm not a major livestock specialist, so I apologise if this is slightly off. 

But as they lose the teeth, obviously it's difficult to chew, and he's getting thinner and thinner. 

Eventually, Norman was the sheep, it's what we called him, he laid down and he died. 

I want you to think about that, with your business. 

Look at the livestock, if they can't eat, they can't graze. 

There's no fuel going into them, and they start losing weight, and ultimately, obviously, the end is life. 

So, what's happening with your lead generation, in the business, is exactly the same. 

If you don't have a constant fuel of leads, coming into your business, where these leads are providing you with, not time wasting enquiries, but qualified enquiries.

Then ultimately, your pipeline's going to dry up, like the grazing dries up for the sheep. 

Ultimately, that business is going to lose weight, and it's eventually going to do die. 

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Strategy For Lead Generation - What Is Your Strategy?

I've seen so many businesses, that they're sort of focused on doing the do. 

Doing what you do. 

Going out and delivering for customers, or fulfilling customers. 

Then, ultimately, they don't see the leads not coming into the business, until it's too late. 

So give some thought to what your lead generation strategy looks like. 

What are you tasking your team to do, every single day? 

To either collect leads or qualify leads, and progress them down the sales pipeline. 

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Maybe if you want to leave us a comment on the blog, or follow us on social and drop us a note on there. 

One of our team can help you understand that better. 

Sort of finishing off, don't just amass leads. 

Amass leads with a strategy behind it, to process them, and make sure that you've got, what I call, a structured sales pipeline, in place. 

From a new inquiry coming into the business, what happens next? 

After the new enquiry, you'd usually call them, follow them up. 

If you can speak to them, then qualification is the next step. 

After qualification, and dependent on what your business model looks like, whether you're quoting online, or you're doing face to face, sort of appointment b2b stuff, but ultimately, it's either going to quote somebody, or follow them up, or schedule an appointment. 

Then after that, you maybe do some sort of tendering or follow-up. 

Eventually, you get the idea, that process is going to go through. 

You're going to either win the sale or lose the sale. 

Or, you're going to park it into some type of nurture sequence, to follow through, and follow them, at a future date. 

So, don't be the sheep, in the livestock, who's lost its teeth and can't chew. 

A business without leads, well, unless you've built some amazing, residual income business, then ultimately, it's going to get thin, and eventually, die. 

So get busy, think about your lead generation strategy.

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'Structure your lead generation efforts towards a quality over quantity approach, the concentrated focus allows you to better serve prospects and close more profitable deals' - Mike Midgley

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