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#TheOpenMike S2:E5 - How to Build a Lucrative Speaking Business

By Mike Midgley Posted 24 September, 2018 In #TheOpenMike Ep 21 - How to Build a Lucrative Speaking Business

How to Build a Lucrative Speaking Business

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In This Episode of #TheOpenMike

On today’s episode, we are going to be discussing How to Build a Lucrative Speaking Business

For many entrepreneurs thinking about becoming a public speaker can be daunting, where to start and sometimes the emotions of fear of stepping on that stage can be overwhelming and it just holds you back.

However, the power of being able to convey your message, touch people with value and your experience can be very rewarding both personally and professionally, and open up more lucrative opportunities and deal flow for your core business.


With so many so called gurus out there, how do you differentiate yourself, create authority and start to fill our speaking engagements or event, well these are all the topics plus much more we will be covering in today's episode of #TheOpenMike

In this episode, I’m very privileged to welcome to the show the amazing Jacki McLenaghan from Pure Potentials based out of Calgary in Canada.


'Everyone has value to give, as a public speaker and sharing your expertise is an excellent way to develop your confidence, personal brand and help others.'  - Mike Midgley

How To Build A Lucrative Speaking Business

Jacki McLenghan

Pure Potentials Connection Agency is a small business promotions company. We are marketing and event specialists that connect people through business, friendship and purpose. It is our mission to connect speakers to audiences, business owners to clients and Individuals to the life-enhancing information that they need to achieve their goals. Pure Potentials, helping you expand your reach and reach your full potential.

 Catch Jacki McLenghan on:


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About The Author
Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is an experienced entrepreneur and executive board professional with venture capital experience and a proven track record in high growth business strategies. Throughout his career, Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits plus he has raised over £1.6m in Venture capital and franchised his businesses over 68 times. As a podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Executive Coach and Non-Executive Director, he provides a motivational ‘hands-on’ driven approach that is supported by an extensive skill set across the fundamental disciplines of business. Outside of his executive services, Mike still plays an active role as the a Growth Engine Architect within The SuccessHub's HubSpot Inbound Certified Partner Agency channel that supports High growth SME's and Mid Corporate / Enterprise clients. Mike is passionate about giving back to the community, he is an active Business Mentor for Doncaster Councils 100 Mentor Program, plus he contributes to the SuccessHub Community Program and Charitable work where he raises money for his favourite charity the NSPCC.