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#TheOpenMike S3:E12 - Supporting Women In Leadership To Increase Their Personal Brand

By Mike Midgley Posted 2 September, 2019 In #TheOpenMike - Ep44 - Supporting Women In Leadership To Increase Their Personal Brand

Supporting Women In Leadership To Increase Their Personal Brand

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In This Episode of #TheOpenMike

Hey and welcome to #TheOpenMike

On today’s episode, I'm excited to be covering an amazing topic of Supporting Women In Leadership To Increase Their Personal Brand

Today's influencer guest is Tamica Sears the Founder of Sears Coaching and Tamica is based at Arizona.

Tamica supports women in leadership and helps them increase their personal brand through one on one coaching, group coaching, workshops, and retreats.

The importance of organisations adopting equality and diversity throughout their companies is essential in today's business environment and opportunities for everyone on an equal footing are there.  

Some of the leading organisations today have exceptional Women leading the companies and in senior roles such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) Ursula Burns (IBM) and it's not just private / public commerce - in politics this is equally evident from our recent departing Prime Minister here in the UK Theresa May, to the German Chancellor Angela Merkell to name a few.

Therefore having a personal brand to build upon is essential for leaders.

Welcome to the show Tamica.

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'Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.' – Peter Drucker


Tamica Sears

The Corporate Fixer Tamica’s mission is to help people become more self-aware so that they can lead from a place of authenticity and self-acceptance. Tamica believes that everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work and have the opportunity to be innovative and empowered. 

As an HR Professional and Leadership Development Coach, for the past 20 years, I've had the honour of coaching and developing leaders in a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to mom-and-pop shops. My primary focus is on helping them increase productivity and revenue through higher employee engagement.

The greatest reward Tamica gets from doing this work is knowing that I am helping to transform corporate America into a more innovative and inclusive workplace. Tamica is grateful to be a major player in changing corporate culture.

Tamica earned an M.A. Leadership from Northern Arizona University and my B.A. Organizational Development and Psychology from American Intercontinental University. 

Originally from Boston, MA, Tamica now calls Phoenix, AZ home and she published a collection of motivational quotes and affirmations, You Are Enough, found on Amazon, and I am also a proud mother of 2 adult children and the cutest dog in the country.

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TOM - EP43 With Tamica Sears Blog Header
Mike Midgley

Mike Midgley is an experienced entrepreneur and executive board professional with venture capital experience and a proven track record in high growth business strategies. Throughout his career, Mike has achieved successful six and seven-figure exits plus he has raised over £1.6m in Venture capital and franchised his businesses over 68 times. As a podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Executive Coach and Non-Executive Director, he provides a motivational ‘hands-on’ driven approach that is supported by an extensive skill set across the fundamental disciplines of business. Outside of his executive services, Mike still plays an active role as the a Growth Engine Architect within The SuccessHub's HubSpot Inbound Certified Partner Agency channel that supports High growth SME's and Mid Corporate / Enterprise clients. Mike is passionate about giving back to the community, he is an active Business Mentor for Doncaster Councils 100 Mentor Program, plus he contributes to the SuccessHub Community Program and Charitable work where he raises money for his favourite charity the NSPCC.